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Covering Your Coughs and Sneezes Prevents Spreading Coronvirus (and Other Germs) to Others

cover coughs and sneezes

Respiratory droplets are the primary carriers of coronavirus --and we project A LOT of droplets every time we cough or sneeze.

To be considerate and prevent the spread of coronavirus to others, capture your spray of droplets, in any manner possible: into a tissue, your sleeve or shirt, etc. (However, catching the spray with your hands is not a preferred method since you'll then be spreading your germs to everything you touch.)

By limiting the spread of respiratory droplets, you may be protecting a lot more people than you think:

  • those currently around you who may breathe in your droplets.
  • those who come by minutes later to breathe the virus filled air that is still hoovering.
  • those who come by hours, days or even weeks later and touch the surfaces that may still be covered with your infected droplets. O
    Though these virus begin to die pretty quickly, though virus from infected droplets may remain active for around 5 days, depending on many variables.

Be certain to cover both your nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing and then wash or sanitize your hands as soon as possible.

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