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Improve Indoor Ventilation (Air Flow) and Filtration

open windows to improve air flow

According to the CDC, coronavirus is less likely to spread when we interact with others outdoors. That's because airflow and air currents dissipate contaminated air particles, even if there is only a very slight wind. So, the any virus in the air is less concentrated.

Unfortunately, the air quality inside schools, gymnasiums, restaurants, offices, or retail stores is far less active. Plus, we are probably in closer proximity to others and for far longer periods of time. This puts us at greater risk of becoming infected by others who may be infected with the virus. And it suggests that even our homes may be a more dangerous place if we invite workers, visitors or guests inside.

How to improve indoor air quality to lessen the spread of coronavirus

Improving ventilation (air flow) with the use of fans, heating and air conditioning air handlers may help to disperse contaminated air particles. Even opening windows and doors (when possible) can help.

In addition, using approved air purifiers (such as standalone HEPA filtration systems) may help to cleanse contaminated droplets and particles from the circulating air.

In many situations, insuring that everyone inside a building is breathing optimal quality air may require major investments and time. But, in the battle against coronavirus, even the simple, fast and relatively inexpensive steps all add up.

For more suggestions on how to make indoor air quality safer, visit:

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