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The Staff is run by a husband and wife team; he is a web developer and illustrator, she is a writer. Both have a lifelong interest in health, wellness and disease prevention. And because health topics fascinate them, they have an irresistible drive to share what they learn. Occasionally, outside writers are invited to contribute as well.

So much health information found on the internet is exaggerated, poorly verified and of questionable accuracy. That's why cites only well-respected, authoritative sources such as,,,,, etc.

Every effort is made to present only the most well researched, substantiated, accurate, and up-to-date information. But be aware that very rarely are any of the articles on written directly by medical or licensed professionals. Readers are responsible for doing further research or contacting their health care professionals before acting on any suggestions mentioned on this site. To learn more, please read the Terms of Use for this site.

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